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Who Are Our 7 Real Estate Experts?
Jeff Manson - Founder & CEO of Real Geeks
Mark Martin - Owner of Mark Martin & Co, President @ Real Estate Champions
Jason Simard - Owner SIMS Real Estate Group
Brett Baker - Real Estate Technology Expert & Entrepreneur
Lori Ballen - Real Estate Lead Generation Expert & Serial Entrepreneur
Nick Kremer - Real Estate Lead Gen & Traffic Expert - Owner @ Driven Leads
Matt Johnson - CEO Pursuing Results - Podcast PR Agency
Who Is Todd Tramonte?
You might be thinking, “who really is Todd Tramonte and why should I listen to him about how to run my real estate business?”

To start, Todd and his team do well over $1,000,000.00 in commission income each year. 

Over Todd’s 17+ years of serving clients in Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth since 2004), he has continually sought to differentiate with excellence. This permeates every aspect of each of his multiple residential real estate businesses. His independent brokerage, radio show, coaching and consulting company, and perhaps most evident on his record breaking team with his proprietary system for marketing and selling homes. The system allows his team to guarantee to sell homes for over the average price in under the average time.
The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team currently averages 7.8% over the average price and less than HALF of the average Days On Market!
YOU can do this too!
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